1. Overview
  YGBW-50A steel bending test machine is used for metal bars, tubes, plates, construction rebar bending test to measure its flexural performance. Test machine meet GB / T232-2010 "metallic materials bending test method", GBT244-2008 "metal pipe bending test method", GB13788-2008 "cold-rolled ribbed steel bars", JC / T446-2000 "concrete pavement bricks," and other related standard requirement.
  It’s a common materials performance test and research equipment of metallurgy departments, scientific research institutions, quality inspection departments and relevant enterprises.

2. Characteristic
 2.1 The machine adopts horizontal structure, operate the bending test on the workbench, easy to operate.
2.2 It adopt hydraulic load, two-way hydraulic cylinder loading, high speed, high efficiency. Piston front end equip bend head socket for quick and easy replacement of the required cold-formed head.
2.3 It equip rebend head, can do the rebend test.
2.4 Bending pressing roller adjust two-way screw by manual operating, to realize supporting roller synchronous forward and backward, to adjust the support roller distance, so that can do 180 degree bending test.
2.5 the machine structure is compact, with strong steel, the adjust screw placed in the back of support slider slot, to prevent the scale damage screw. The machine is designed with a scale recovery device, the scale can be automatically through the internal feeder plate flow back to the machine outside the barrel.
2.6 This machine adopts photoelectric encoder to do angle display and control, display accurate and reliable. And an angle dial indicator is provided at the front of the test bed, and the machine has a bending angle double display device.
2.7 This machine is designed the pressure sensing device in the oil pressure,display bending force value. 
2.8 In the control system, it can arbitrarily set bending angle, high precision, easy to operate.
2.9 the hydraulic system adopt three four-way solenoid valve control, the middle of the two-cylinder closed ,can be appropriate to maintain the bending load.
2.10 the machine take four-point limit control on the cylinder and oil source, double protection, and thus let equipment more secure and reliable.

3. Technical parameters

Model YGBW-50A
Max. Test Force 500kN
Working Stroke 400mm
Max. Pressure 31.5MPa
Bending Heart Diameter Φ6-200 (According to customer equipped)
Round (Flat) Sample Diameter Φ6-50 (6-50)
Power 3.0kW


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